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2005 Special Session 
Retirement Bills

First Special Session Omnibus Retirement Bill - Chapter 8

H.F. 44 (Smith), the 1st Engrossment  (Summary)
Status: 7/25/05 Signed by the Governor (Chapter 8)
Senate Status:


7/13/05 Received from the House, passed (57-6)

House Status:


7/13/05 Passed as amended (112-14)  


- Delete-all amendment LCPR05-350  (Summary); 

- Amendment HDA-345, as verbally amended as follows
Delete line 3 of Amendment HDA-345 (Article 5 will not be deleted)
Pages 1 to 38, delete Article 1

6/03/05  Introduced    Staff Summary of H.F. 44, as introduced  

Other Special Session Retirement Bills:

S.F. 29 (Pogemiller)  Staff Summary 
Senate Status:


6/06/05  Introduced

House Status: No Action


2005 Regular Session Retirement Bills

Omnibus Retirement Bill II
S.F. 1057 (Pogemiller)

Senate Language:  S.F. 1057 (Pogemiller), 3rd Engrossment
House Language:   Delete-all amendment LCPR05-307     Summary of LCPR05-307  
(note:  action taken by the Commission on 5/13 is not reflected in LCPR05-307)

Senate Status:


5/19/05 Passed, as amended, by the Senate  (54-9) Floor Amendments

5/17/05 Senate General Orders

5/16/05 Committee Report

5/16/05 Finance Committee:  Passed as amended (Finance amendments)

House Status:


5/20/05 Received from the Senate, referred to Gov Ops


Omnibus Retirement Bill I
S.F. 427 (Betzold)

Senate Language:  S.F. 427 (Betzold), 2nd Engrossment    Staff Summary   
House Language:
   S.F. 427, 2nd Unofficial Engrossment   Staff Summary

Senate Status:


4/27/05 Passed, as amended, by the Senate (56-1)
Floor Amendments: ss0427a50  ss0427a51  ss0427a52

4/21/05 on General Orders  (Summary of 1st Engrossment)

4/11/05 Gov Ops:  Amended, passed, referred to the Senate Floor 

House Status:


5/20/05 Ways & Means: Passed as amended, referred to General Register (W&M amendments)

5/10/05 Committee Report; re-referred to Ways and Means

5/04/05 State Govt. Finance:  Passed as amended (Finance amendments)

4/28/05 Received from the Senate, referred to State Government Finance

4/26/05 Rules & Legislative Administration:  re-referred to State Government Finance

4/18/05 Committee Report; re-referred to Rules

4/12/05 Gov Ops:  Amended, passed, re-referred to Public Safety Policy & Finance

LCPR05-281 S
LCPR05-280 H
Additional items passed by the Commission April 20-22:
Summary of LCPR05-281 (Senate Version)
Summary of LCPR05-280 (House Version)
Language passed by the Commission as of 4/07/05  Summary 
Additional materials (technical/clarification amendments) for the Gov Ops 
LCPR05-216 Language passed by the Commission as of 4/01/05  Summary
LCPR05-201 Language passed by the Commission as of 3/30/05


Other Retirement Legislation

H.F. 2264 (Knoblach):  MTRFA; Investment Authority Transfer and Other Investment Regulations Modified  (Staff Summary of H.F. 2264)

H.F. 1481 (Seifert), Article 5, contains provisions drawn from H.F. 2264

Senate Status:


4/26/05 Received from the House

House Status:


4/22/05 Passed by the House (111-23)

4/20/05  Ways and Means hearing:  Passed as amended


2004 Omnibus Retirement Bill

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