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Executive Branch Advisory Groups

Executive Branch Advisory Groups

The 2013 Legislature enacted changes to the Minnesota Sunset Act which require the Legislative Commission on Planning and Fiscal Policy (LCPFP) to compile a list of executive branch advisory groups created in statute (See 2013 Minnesota Session Law Chapter 142 Article 2 Section 1).

In addition, the LCPFP may develop a schedule for review of advisory groups or select particular groups for review. In order to aid the commission in developing the schedule and selecting groups to review, Chair Thissen requested agencies provide the following information for each advisory group identified on the list:

  1. The mission of each group;
  2. Membership list and whether any compensation is provided to those members;
  3. The budget of each group;
  4. The most recent three meeting dates, including any future meeting dates;
  5. A list of any reports or recommendations issued to the state agency, Legislature, or Governor;
  6. A link to the advisory group's website, if available.
The links below open the responses that were submitted to the LCPFP by the agencies.