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  MEETING: Legislative Commission on Pensions and Retirement
PLACE: Room 10 State Office Building 
DATE: March 28, 2007
TIME: 7:00 p.m. 



Updated: (ld)


1. Consideration and approval of Commission rules for 2007-2008. Approved
2. Approval of March 6, 2007, Commission meeting minutes. Approved
3. H.F. 228 (Paymar); S.F. 266 (Cohen): PERA; Service credit purchase, ISD No. 625 (St. Paul) school board member.  Staff Materials Withdrawn
by author
4. H.F. 876 (Swails); S.F. 2016 (Saltzman): PERA-General; Service credit purchase, St. Paul Department of Public Works employee.  Staff Materials Passed
5. H.F. 1100 (Hornstein); S.F. 1112 (Dibble): TRA; Refund payment for prior MTRFA service without interest.  Staff Materials No action
6. H.F. 1328 (Peterson, S.); S.F. 1325 (Rest): TRA, SPTRFA; Service credit purchase, uncredited St. Paul prior teaching service.  Staff Materials No action
7. H.F. 1329 (Thissen); S.F. 929 (Betzold): PERA-P&F; Reemployed annuitant exemption for former Midwest Pathology, Inc., employees hired as field investigators by Anoka County.  Staff Materials Passed
8. H.F. 1667 (Shimanski); S.F. 1299 (Dille): PERA; Hutchinson Area Health Care privatization; clarify effective date.  Staff Materials Passed
9. H.F. 1779 (Sailer); S.F. 1626 (Skoe): MSRS/PERA; Annuity back payments, combined service annuity annuitant.  Staff Materials Passed as
10. H.F. 1783 (Faust); S.F. 948 (Lourey): TRA; Purchase of salary credit for reduced salary year after a sabbatical leave.  Staff Materials Passed
11. H.F. 1878 (Welti); S.F. 1853/1854 (Senjem): PERA; Service credit purchase for community education employment.  Staff Materials   Passed as
and -4A w/verbal)
12. H.F. 2078 (Murphy, M.); S.F. 1457 (Frederickson): MSRS-General: Coverage for a Middle Management Association employee.  Staff Materials Passed as
(H2078-4A w/verbal)
13. H.F. 2098 (Morrow); S.F. 1773 (Sheran): PERA; Lakeview Nursing Home in Gaylord privatization.  Staff Materials Passed
14. H.F. 2130 (Peterson, A.); S.F. 1779 (Kubly): PERA; Late disability benefit application; former Benson school district employee.  Staff Materials Passed
15. H.F. 2279 (Doty); S.F. 2027 (Koering): MSRS-C; Service credit purchase, MCF-St. Cloud stores clerk.  Staff Materials No action
16. H.F. xxxx; S.F. 1418 (Wergin): PERA-P&F; Authorizing a joint annuity for a certain surviving spouse.  Staff Materials No action
17. H.F. xxxx; S.F. 1762 (Betzold): Legislators plan; Partial benefit option to alternative payees under marriage dissolution.  Staff Materials Passed as
18. H.F. 2363 (Murphy, M., by request); S.F. 2020 (Prettner Solon): MSRS-C, MSRS-G; Service credit transfer from general plan to correctional plan.  Staff Materials Continued
19. H.F. 1010 (Hilstrom); S.F. 1042 (Neuville): State Patrol; Coverage for Gang and Drug Oversight Council coordinator.  Staff Materials Passed as
(H1010-2A w/ verbal,
-4A and -5A)
20. H.F. 31 (Mullery); S.F. 31 (Metzen): Conform to federal tax rules for public safety pensions; authorize pension funds to withhold and pay insurance premiums.  Staff Materials Passed as
(incl. Sec. 3 only, and H0031-5A)
Non-Agenda Items:
Betzold Amendment Passed