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2016 MN Omnibus Retirement Bill

2016 Omnibus Retirement Bill

Chapter 177       S.F. 588 (Pappas/O'Driscoll)  -  VETOED

   Status:     S.F. 588 (Pappas), 2nd Engrossment   (Summary of 2nd Engr.)



Vetoed by the Governor
 5/24/16Presented to the Governor
 5/22/16Passed by the House (120-3)
 5/19/16Passed by the Senate (61-1)

   House Status:



Passed by the House (120-3)
  5/20/2016Bills not identical, SF substituted on General Register
  5/19/2016SF588 (Pappas) received from the Senate; SF588 and HF659 were sent for comparison
  5/17/2016State Government Finance: Passed / Rules Committee: Joint Rule 2.03 waived
  5/16/2016Government Operations Committee: Passed as amended; Re-referred to State Govt. Finance (Summary of 1st Engr.)

   Senate Status:



Passed by the Senate as amended (61-1) (Summary of 2nd Engr.)
  5/18/2016Rules Committee: Joint Rule 2.03 waived
  5/17/2016State and Local Government Committee: Passed as amended (Summary of 1st Engr.)

   LCPR Status:



Passed by the Commission, as amended (Language is identical to H.F. 659, 1st Engr. / S.F. 588, 1st Engr.)
  4/12/2016 Language passed by the Commission through 4/12/16: Delete-all amendment H2807-10A (PDF/HTML) (Summary)
  4/05/2016 Language passed by the Commission through 4/05/16: Delete-all amendment H2807-6A (Summary)
  3/22/2016 Language passed by the Commission through 3/22/16: Delete-all amendment H2807-3A (Summary)
  3/15/2016 Language passed by the Commission through 3/15/16: Delete-all amendment H2807-1A (Summary)


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