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2010 House Amendments

2010 Omnibus Bill - House Amendments

House Floor (5/7/2010)

S2918-14A (Murphy, M.):  Delete everything amendment - Adopted

S2918-16A (Murphy, M.):  Corrections to Amendment S2918-14A - Adopted

S2918-A2 (Buesgens):  Defined contribution plan coverage for post-2010 hires - Not adopted

RA10-488 (Kiffmeyer):  Defined contribution plan study - Adopted

S2918-A1 (Drazkowski):  Elected officers excluded from public pension coverage - Not adopted

S2918-A6 (Kiffmeyer):  No postretirement increases for 2 years - Withdrawn

RA10-508 (Buesgens):  Delete MERF appropriation - Not adopted

Oral amendment (Kiffmeyer):  Delete Articles 12 and 13 (MERF) - Not adopted

Ways and Means Committee (5/3/2010)

H3281-15A:  University of Minnesota employees furlough service & salary credit - Adopted

H3281-14A:  MERF employer contribution ceiling - Adopted

Finance Committee (4/27/2010)

H3281-8A:  Composite amendment containing the amendments from State Govt. Finance that were omitted from the Division report (H3281-5A & A10-2412) and other technical amendments - Adopted

H3281-12A:   MERF appropriations - Amended, adopted

State Government Finance Division (4/8/2010)

Oral amendment:   Replace total state payment amounts with blanks on page 25, lines 20 and 33, and page 35, line 28 - Adopted

H3281-5A:  State Patrol amendment - Adopted

A10-2412:  Revisor's technical amendment - Adopted

Gov Ops Committee (3/18/2010)

S2918-1A:  Pension Commission delete-all amendment - Adopted

H3281-4A:  Fund directors amendment, deferred annuities augmentation revisions effective dates - Adopted

LCPR10-8A:  Poppe amendment - Adopted

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