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2004 Retirement Bills

Omnibus Retirement Bill

Omnibus Retirement Bill - Chapter 267

S.F. 676-4th Engrossment (Betzold)   Summary of S.F. 676 as amended by the House
Status: 5/29/04 Signed by the Governor (Chapter 267)
House Status:

5/15/04 Passed as amended (House floor amendments)

5/06/04  Ways and Means:  Amended, passed (W&M Amendments)

5/04/04  Ways and Means:  Amended, laid over

3/18/04 State Gov't Finance: Amended, passed, re-referred to Ways and Means

3/12/04 Gov Ops:  Amended, passed, re-referred to State Gov't Finance 

Senate Status:

5/15/04 Concur with House, repassed

5/06/04 Passed by the Senate

5/04/04 Taxes:  Amended, passed (Taxes amendments)

4/15/04 Finance:  Amended, passed, re-referred to Taxes (Finance amendments)

3/24/04 Gov Ops:  Amended, passed, re-referred to Finance


Actuarial Services Bill - Chapter 223

S.F. 806 (Betzold)     (Summary)  (fiscal note)

Status: 5/19/04 Signed by the Governor (Chapter 223)
House Status:


5/12/04 Passed by the House (132-0)

4/29/04 S.F. 806 substituted for H.F. 890

4/28/04 Referred for Comparison with S.F. 806

4/20/04  Ways and Means Hearing:  Passed

3/12/04 Gov Ops Hearing:  Passed as amended, re-referred to Ways and Means 

Senate Status:


4/26/04 Passed by the Senate (64-0)

4/19/04 Second Reading

4/15/04  Finance:  Amended, passed (Finance amendment)

3/24/04 Gov Ops: Passed, re-referred to Finance


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