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2023 Pension and Retirement Bills

2023 Pension and Retirement Bills

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Pension and Retirement Omnibus Policy Bill

HF2950 (Her);  SF3016 (Frentz)

House Status:

Date Action Documents
Next step: House Floor
3/24/2023 State and Local Government Finance and Policy Committee - Passed as amended (DE), referred to the General Register

- DE Amendment A23-0097
- Summary of A23-0097

Senate Status:

Date Action Documents
Next step: State and Local Government and Veterans Committee

LCPR Status - Passed

Date Action Documents
3/22/2023 LCPR hearing; 2023 Pension and Retirement Omnibus Policy Bill: approved, will be in the form of delete-everything (DE) amendment A23-0097 to HF2950 (Her); SF3016 (Frentz) - DE Amendment A23-0092
- Summary of A23-0092
- Amendment A230092-1A
- Amendment A230092-2A

Pension and Retirement Omnibus Finance Bill

Vehicle Bill: HF3100 (Her);  SFxxxx (Frentz)

LCPR Status - No action yet

Date Action Documents
3/27/2023 LCPR hearing; Presentation and discussion of the draft budget spreadsheet (no action will be taken)