MEETING:    Legislative Commission on Pensions and Retirement
PLACE:    Room 107 Capitol
DATE: February 12-13, 2014
TIME: Wed. 2/12: 1:00PM
Thur. 2/13: 9:00AM

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Two-Day Agenda



        Note:  Topic consideration may follow a different order depending on testifier availability.
February 12, 2014:


Approval of minutes.




Commission interim project: Membership inclusions and exclusions, third consideration (continued):
   - Commission staff memo: Potential proposed legislation reorganizing and updating MSRS, PERA,
       and TRA membership inclusions and exclusions statutory provisions.
   - PERA minimum salary level for inclusion: Additional testimony and consideration of options.

3nd Consid. Memo
PERA's Proposal LCPR14-020
Amendment LCPR14-021-1A
PERA Membership Study

No action


Commission interim project: Actuarial assumptions, third consideration:
   - Post-retirement adjustment actuarial assumption options.

3nd Consid. Memo

No action


Commission interim project: PERA-P&F early retirement reduction factors and impact on police officer supply, first consideration.
   - Presentations by representatives of:
      Association of Minnesota Counties
      League of Minnesota Cities
      Minnesota Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training
      Minnesota Inter-County Association
      Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association
      Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System
      Public Employees Retirement Association

1st Consid. Memo

No action


S.F. 713 (Pappas); H.F. 872 (Kahn): MnSCU; Elimination of early retirement incentive sunset date.

Staff Memo

No action


S.F. 764 (Pappas); H.F. 871 (Kahn): MnSCU; Elimination of sunset date on eligibility to elect TRA coverage.

Staff Memo

No action


S.F. 765 (Pappas); H.F. 870 (Kahn): MnSCU; Increase in the maximum salary for the annuitant return-to-work provision.

Staff memo

No action
February 13, 2014:


S.F. 1326 (Goodwin); H.F. 1410 (Nelson): MSRS; Deferred members permitted to vote in board elections.

Staff Memo

No action


S.F. xxxx; H.F. 1352 (Marquart): PERA-P&F; Disability benefit application deadline extension for certain Wadena County sheriff's deputy.

Staff Memo

No action


S.F. xxxx; H.F. 1873 (O'Driscoll): PERA-General; Coverage exclusion for St. Cloud Metropolitan Transit Commission employees.

Staff Memo

No action


S.F. xxxx; H.F. 1894 (McNamar): PERA-General; Coverage for Stevens County Housing and Redevelopment Authority employees.

Staff Memo

No action


Other items as designated by the Commission Chair.



Persons wishing to testify may contact Lisa Diesslin by e-mail or by calling 651-296-6806 to be added to the public testimony list. Please indicate the agenda item of interest.

If accommodations for the meeting under the Americans With Disabilities Act are needed, please call 651-296-2750 (651-296-9896 for TDD) as far in advance as possible.