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3/12/2013 Agenda
MEETING:    Legislative Commission on Pensions and Retirement
PLACE:    Room 112 Capitol
DATE: March 12, 2013
TIME: 5:30 PM

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Revised Agenda




Approval of the minutes.

2/26/13 Minutes

2. S.F. 273 (Pappas); H.F. 343 (Nelson): PERA; Salary definition modification.

2/19 Staff materials
Engr. S0273-E1
Passed as amended
3. S.F. 275 (Pappas); H.F. 341 (Nelson): PERA; Repealing the Social Security leveling option.
3/5 Staff materials Passed
4. S.F. 439 (Saxhaug); H.F. 539 (Nelson): Public pension fund deductions for labor organization membership dues or payments; blind mailings authorization.
Staff materials Passed
5. S.F. 529 (Pappas); H.F. 650 (Nelson): TRA; Phase-in of actuarial equivalent early retirement reduction factors 2015-2019.
3/5 Staff Materials Removed from agenda
6. S.F. 713 (Pappas); H.F. 872 (Kahn): MnSCU; Extending an early retirement incentive program.
Staff materials Removed from agenda
7. S.F. 764 (Pappas); H.F. 871 (Kahn): MnSCU; Eliminating the sunset on eligibility to elect TRA upon tenure.
Staff materials Removed from agenda
8. S.F. 765 (Pappas); H.F. 870 (Kahn): MnSCU; Increasing the maximum salary for the annuitant return to-work program.
Staff materials Removed from agenda
9. S.F. 780 (Anderson); H.F. 963 (McDonald): PERA; Service credit purchase for a period of omitted contributions for a certain Wright County Highway Department employee.
Staff materials Passed as amended
10. S.F. 935 (Pappas); H.F. 857 (Atkins): Retirement funding; Imposing a homeowners and auto insurance policy surcharge to fund public safety employee retirement plan costs.
3/5 Staff materials
Engr. S0935-E1
Passed as amended, sent to Commerce
11. S.F. 1100 (Hayden); H.F. xxxx: PERA-MERF Division; Metropolitan Council supplemental employer contribution obligation clarification.
Staff materials Removed from agenda
12. S.F. 1249 (Pappas); H.F. 1433 (Nelson): SPTRFA; Creating an additional state aid program; increasing employee and employer contributions; revising plan benefits.
Staff materials Laid over
13. S.F. 1235 (Reinert); H.F. 1330 (Murphy, M.): DTRFA; Increasing employee and employer contributions; revising plan benefits. In the form of delete-all amendment S1235-1A
Staff materials
Delete-all S1235-1A
DTRFA handout
Amended, Laid over
14.   Other Items as designated by the Commission chair:
   Amendment S0489-9A: State Board of Investment; Swap contracts authorization
      -- Passed
   Amendment H1152-4A: VFRAs; SBI investment options.
      -- Passed as amended
   1.8 & 1.13, delete
   "October" and
   insert "March"

Persons wishing to testify may contact Lisa Diesslin by e-mail or by calling 651-296-6806 to be added to the public testimony list. Please indicate the agenda item of interest.

If accommodations for the meeting under the Americans With Disabilities Act are needed, please call 651-296-2750 (651-296-9896 for TDD) as far in advance as possible.

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