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  MEETING: Actuarial Services Subcommittee of the 
Legislative Commission on Pensions and Retirement
PLACE: Room 107 Capitol
DATE: October 9, 2008
TIME: 10:00 a.m.



Updated: 10/08/2008 (ld)


Staff Materials
1. Review of Laws 2008, Chapter 349, Article 10, Sections 9 and 17.
2. Consideration of the Scope of Actuarial Services to be Provided by the Auditing Consulting Actuary.
3. Consideration of Particular Required Qualifications of Potential Auditing Consulting Actuarial Firms.
4. Consideration of a Potential Schedule for Auditing of Retirement Plan Regular Actuarial Valuations and Experience Studies.
5. Consideration of the Preferred Duration of an Auditing Consulting Actuarial Firm Contract.
6. Consideration of Potential Request for Proposal Elements for an Auditing Consulting Actuarial Firm.

Other Items as Designated by the Subcommittee Chair.

Subcommittee Members:
Senator Don Betzold, Chair
Representative Michael Nelson
Representative Steve Smith