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  MEETING: Legislative Commission on Pensions and Retirement
PLACE: Room 10 State Office Building
DATE: March 5, 2008
TIME: 6:30 p.m.



Updated: April 18, 2008 04:36 PM (ld)


1. H.F. 3021 (Juhnke); S.F. xxxx; and H.F. xxxx; S.F. 2855 (Gimse): PERA Privatization; Rice Memorial Hospital radiology & radiation/oncology departments Staff Materials Passed
2. H.F. 2589 (Hamilton); S.F. 2501 (Vickerman): PERA Privatization; Worthington Regional Hospital Staff Materials Passed
3. H.F. 1495 (Demmer); S.F. 1644 (Senjem): PERA-P&F; Authorize survivor benefit, deceased Hayfield police chief Staff Materials Tabled
4. H.F. xxxx; S.F. 1643 (Senjem): PERA; Authorize retirement annuity application, Olmstead Co., ISD No. 535, and Rochester city employee Staff Materials Passed as amended 
5. H.F. 228 (Paymar); S.F. 266 (Cohen): PERA; Service credit purchase, ISD No. 625, St. Paul, school board member Staff Materials Not Heard
6. H.F. 3311 (Atkins); S.F. 2469 (Metzen): PERA; Authorize revocation of retirement annuity application in favor of disability benefit application Staff Materials Passed as amended 
7. H.F. 3242 (Peppin); S.F. 3127 (Limmer): PERA-P&F; Service credit transfer, Maple Grove fire inspector Staff Materials Passed
8. H.F. 2803 (Greiling); S.F. xxxx: MnSCU, TRA; Permit certain MnSCU faculty member to elect prospective and retroactive TRA coverage Staff Materials Passed as amended 
9. H.F. 2762 (Wardlow); S.F. xxxx: TRA; Service credit purchase for prior Illinois teaching service Staff Materials Passed
10. H.F. 2395 (Davnie); S.F. 2213 (Torres Ray): TRA; Annuity increase based on former MTRFA erroneous benefit counseling Staff Materials No action
11. H.F. 3696 (Kahn); S.F. 2424 (Betzold): PERA; Service credit purchase for Hennepin county commissioner Staff Materials Passed as amended 
12. H.F. 3082 (Murphy, M.); S.F. 2720 (Betzold): MSRS-C; Adding two employment positions to retirement plan coverage Staff Materials Passed
13. H.F. 3041 (Murphy, M., by request); S.F. 2715 (Betzold): Retirement provisions modified relating to actuarial and financial reporting Staff Materials Amended, continued
14. H.F. xxxx; S.F. 2923 (Betzold): Legislative Commission on Pensions and Retirement actuarial services retention Staff Materials Continued
15. H.F. 2194 (Kahn); S.F. 2006 (Pappas); Various plans; Reemployed annuitant earnings limits; actuarial services; state aid Staff Materials Continued
16. Consideration of MPRA mortality table assumption change Staff Materials Passed as amended 
Other Items as Designated by the Commission Chair.