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  MEETING: Legislative Commission on Pensions and Retirement
PLACE: Room 5 State Office Building
DATE: December 6, 2007
TIME: 9:30 a.m.



Updated: 12/06/2007 (ld)


1. Continued Review of the Commission's Principles of Pension Policy: Second Consideration.
Staff Memo
2. Review of Legislative Auditor Program Evaluation Division Report: Pensions for Volunteer Firefighters.
3. Report by the Statewide Retirement Plans on Potential Minnesota Post Retirement Investment Fund Revisions.  Powerpoint Presentation
4. Report by the Teachers Retirement Association on the 2006 Minneapolis Teachers Retirement Fund Association Consolidation.
Summary of Laws 2006, Ch. 277, Art. 3
5. Report by the Public Employees Retirement Association on the PERA-P&F 2007 Disability Benefit Revisions.
Summary of Laws 2007, Ch. 134, Art. 4
6. Other Items as Designated by the Commission Chair.


Persons wishing to testify may contact Lisa Diesslin by e-mail or by calling 651-296-6806 to be added to the public testimony list. Please indicate the agenda item of interest.

Note: If accommodations for the meeting under the Americans With Disabilities Act are needed, please call 651-296-2750 (651-296-9896 for TDD) as far in advance as possible.

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