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2015 Senate Amendments

2015 Omnibus Bill - Senate Amendments

Finance Committee (5/5/2015)

S1398-1A:  Clarifies post-retirement adjustment language - Passed
S1398-2A:  Corrects dates related to a special law provision (S.F. 1877-Rosen) - Passed
S1398-4A:  Clarifies when the MERF state aid terminates - Passed
SCS1398A-1:  Continues to allow MMRA dues deductions from former MERF members' benefits - Passed

State and Local Government Committee (4/13/2015)

H1808-12A:  Pension Commission delete-all amendment - Passed as amended
Oral amendment:  Delete Article 14, Section 5 (PERA board additional position) - Passed
H1808-13A:  Technical amendment, deletes two sections that are proposed for repeal - Passed