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2015 House Amendments

2015 Omnibus Bill - House Amendments

Ways and Means Committee (5/16/2015)

S1398A2: Revises state/employer contributions related to MERF - Passed

State Government Finance Committee (5/14/2015)

House language substituted - Passed and then amended:
S1398-5A: Revises state payment related to MERF to be consistent with the State Govt. Finance bill - Passed as amended (10-6)
                    amended on line 1.3 of the amendment, delete "and insert"; strike lines 1.4-1.5
S1398-6A: Clarifies post-retirement adjustment language - Passed
S1398-7A: Technical amendment - corrects dates in special law provision - Passed

Government Operations and Elections Policy Committee (4/21/2015)

H1508-12A:  Pension Commission delete-all amendment - Passed as amended
H1508-13A:  Technical amendment, deletes two sections that are proposed for repeal - Passed
H1508-14A:  Delete Article 14, Section 5 (PERA board additional position for MERF member) - Passed
A15-0526:   (lines 1.14-1.17 only):  Clarifying when state payments related to MERF cease - Passed as amended