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2014 Senate Amendments

2014 Omnibus Bill - Senate Amendments

Senate Floor Amendments (5/1/2014)

sch1951a-1:  Technical corrections - Adopted
sch1951a-2:  DTRFA additional employer contribution; reduce aid - Not adopted
sch1951a-4:  Delete DTRFA consolidation - Not adopted
sch1951a-3:  Delete new aid - Not adopted
sch1951a-5:  Delete DTRFA consolidation, transfer new aid to TRA - Not adopted
sch1951a-6:  Eliminate aid to SPTRFA - Not adopted
sch1951a-7:  Transfer DTRFA new aid to TRA - Not adopted
sh1951a50:   Require SPTRFA to consolidate into TRA - Withdrawn
sh1951a51:   Sunset DTRFA aid in 2021 - Not adopted
sh1951a53:   Redirects new aids to long-term care facilities - Not germane


State Finance Committee (4/25/2014)

S1803-38A:  Technical corrections- Adopted
S1803-39A:  Post-retirement adjustment rate actuarial assumption - Adopted
SCS1803A-1:  Teacher state aid commencement date revision - Adopted


State and Local Government Committee Committee (3/28/2014)

S1803-23A:  Pension Commission delete-all amendment - Adopted
S1803-24A:  PERA Corrects an error excluding PERA-General from a 1975 amortization date reset procedure - Adopted
S1803-32A:  Technical - Adopted