1.1      .................... moves to amend the delete everything amendment (Document 
1.2     LCPR06-121) to S.F. No. 2239; H.F. No. 2362, as follows:
1.3     Page 39, after line 5, insert:

1.6     (a) Notwithstanding any provision of Minnesota Statutes, chapter 353, to the 
1.7     contrary, a member of the general employees retirement plan of the Public Employees 
1.8     Retirement Association who left active employment covered by Minnesota Statutes, 
1.9     chapter 353, was employed in public employment covered by the Illinois municipal 
1.10    retirement plan, and returned to active Minnesota local government employment may 
1.11    purchase allowable service credit in the general employees retirement plan of the Public 
1.12    Employees Retirement Association for the period of service covered by the Illinois 
1.13    municipal retirement plan by authorizing the transfer of funds specified in paragraph (b) 
1.14    and by making the payment specified in paragraph (c).
1.15    (b) If a person elects to obtain service credit under this section, the person shall 
1.16    authorize an institution-to-institution transfer of the person's account in the Illinois 
1.17    municipal retirement plan to the general employees retirement fund of the Public 
1.18    Employees Retirement Association.
1.19    (c) If a person elects to obtain service credit under this section and authorizes an 
1.20    account transfer under paragraph (b), the person shall pay the balance of the prior service 
1.21    credit purchase payment calculated under Minnesota Statutes, section 356.551, in excess 
1.22    of the account transfer amount.
1.23    (d) The election under this section must be made in writing on a form prescribed 
1.24    by the executive director of the Public Employees Retirement Association. The person 
1.25    making this election also must waive any retirement annuity or benefit from the Illinois 
1.26    municipal retirement fund and must provide any reasonable documentation of the person's 
2.1     compliance with qualification requirements to the executive director of the Public 
2.2     Employees Retirement Association that is requested by the director.”
2.3     Renumber the sections in sequence and correct internal cross-references
2.4     Amend the title accordingly