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Pending Pension/Retirement Bills

2020 Session Pension/Retirement Bills

Pension & retirement bills introduced during the 2020 Session will appear here, along with bills that were not enacted during the 2019 Session.

Listed in descending House File order with recent intros appearing first (Senate bills with no House companion are last). Last updated: 3/16/2020

House File Senate File Plan Description
-- SF4438-Rosen VFRAs Permitting a relief association to convert from a defined benefit plan to defined contribution plan.       -- Report Excerpt --
-- SF4424-Benson Ramsey, Nowthen Division of the Ramsey fire relief association and transfer of accounts into a new city of Nowthen relief associatio.       --        --    --
HF4301-Her SF4202-Dahms PERA PERA 2020 administrative bill. 3/10/2020 Memo Passed
HF4300-Her SF4201-Jasinski PERA PERA privatized medical facilities administrative bill. 3/10/2020 Memo Passed
HF4298-Nelson, M. SF4203-Rosen PERA P&F PERA police and fire plan disability provisions modifications. 3/10/2020 Memo Passed
HF4297-Freiberg -- PERA SVF PERA Statewide Volunteer Fire Plan administrative bill. 3/10/2020 Memo Passed
HF4149-Sundin SF4244-Rarick VFRAs Vesting credit for full-time firefighters.       --        --    --
HF4107-Nelson, M. SF4123-Rosen VFRAs Providing for volunteer fire relief association dissolution and retirement plan termination; based on the report of the Conversions and Dissolutions Work Group.       -- Report Excerpt --
HF4044-Lesch SF3948-Latz Technical Revisor's technical corrections bill (Art. 1, Sec. 83, corrects a cross-reference in 353G.08, subd. 3)       --        --    --
HF4018-Carlson, A. SF4066-Rosen PERA-General Extending the 1997 state aid to local governments to fund increased employer contributions to PERA (see HF2387/SF2488). 3/10/2020 Memo Recommend
to Committees
HF3988-Johnson SF4035-Limmer MSRS Corr Health insurance coverage continued for former employees under the correctional employee retirement plan.       --        --    --
HF3921-Nelson, M. SF3550-Rosen VFRAs Increase lump-sum service pension maximum amount to $15K.       -- Memo --
HF3903-Murphy SF3808-Rosen MSRS plans MSRS 2020 administrative bill. 3/3/2020 Memo Passed
HF3870-Nelson, M. SF3547-Rosen VFRAs Revising the allocation of fire state aid for VFRAs, implementing the recommendations of the fire state aid work group.       -- Memo --
HF3789-Nelson, M. SF3659-Senjem PERA Exclude new trades employees from PERA coverage; grandfather currently covered members. 3/3/2020 Memo Passed
HF3788-Nelson, M. SF3658-Senjem Supplemental Permit contributions to multiemployer plans for trades unions employees by St. Paul city & school district. 3/3/2020 Memo Passed
HF3778-Nelson, M. SF3673-Rosen VFRAs Implementing the recommendations of the State Auditor's Volunteer Firefighter Working Group.       -- Memo --
HF3777-Her SF3672-Rosen VFRAs State Auditor's investment disclosure and reporting bill. 3/3/2020 Memo Passed
HF3752-Her SF3805-Jasinski TRA TRA 2020 administrative bill. 3/3/2020 Memo Passed
HF3698-West SF3724-Newton PERA P&F Providing duty disability benefits in certain cases.       --        --    --
HF3567-Carlson, A. -- P&F state aid Property taxes and fire and police state aid various policy and technical changes made. (see Art. 2 for P&F aid provisions).       --        --    --
HF3538-Runbeck -- MnDCP Minnesota deferred compensation retirement plan; in-service withdrawals permitted.       --        --    --
HF3389-Marquart SF3843-Chamberlain P&F state aid Making various policy and technical changes to various taxes (see Art. 4 for P&F aid provisions).       --        --    --
HF3272-Albright SF4023-Frentz SBI Authorizing certain investments; exempt liquid alternatives from restriction. 3/3/2020 Memo Passed
HF3153-Nelson SF3900-Hoffman Brooklyn Park Brooklyn Park Firefighters' Relief Association; dissolution of the relief association and termination of the retirement plan.       -- Memo --
HF2993-Green -- related interest Appropriation for State Patrol employer pension costs.       --       -- --
HF2937-Fischer SF3087-Wiger PERA-P&F Service credit purchase for a Maplewood firefighter. 3/10/2020 Memo Passed
HF2925-Halverson SF4399-Carlson Eagan City of Eagan, allocation of fire and supplemental state aid.       -- Memo --
HF2861-Drazkowski -- Fire ins surcharge Eliminate income/business taxes, replace sales tax with a fair tax (repeals fire insurance premium surcharge).       --        --    --
HF2836-Hornstein SF3143-Dibble related interest; SBI Minnesota Green New Deal Act (Sec. 15 requires the SBI to examine risks pension/retirement asset fossil fuel divestment).       --        --    --
HF2833-Richardson SF2513-Klein PERA-Corr Local government service correctional plan coverage for probation officers.       --        --    --
HF2714-Lesch -- MSRS Adding an additional member to the MSRS Board of Directors.       --        --    --
HF2671-Nelson SF243-Frentz MnState IRAP Employer contribution rate increase; without appropriation (not enacted). 3/26/2019 Memo Passed as Amended
HF2668-Mekeland -- TRA/IRAP St. Cloud State Univ. employee TRA coverage election, retroactive coverage.       --        --    --
HF2630-Pryor SF368-Cwodzinski TRA Service credit purchase for US State/Treasury Dept. service; SCSU employee (heard as H2632-8A). 4/2/2019        --    Laid Over
HF2583-Drazkowski SF2463-Goggin VFRAs Modify the formula for the distribution of supplemental state aid to relief associations.       -- Memo --
HF2387-Murphy, by req SF2488-Rosen PERA-General Extending the 1997 state aid to local governments to fund increased employer contributions to PERA (not enacted). 3/26/2019 Memo Passed
HF2329-Long SF2276-Pappas SBI Mandating a report on impact of climate change on fossil fuel investments currently held by the SBI. 3/19/2019 Memo Laid Over
HF2294-Long SF2277-Pappas SBI Fossil Fuel Divestment Act. Requiring divestment from certain investments relating to fossil fuels. 3/19/2019 Memo Laid Over
HF2075-Long -- SBI Mandating a report on fossil fuel divestment (see HF2329/SF2276).       --        --    --
HF1738-Koznick SF2022-Pratt LCPR LCPR required to do a study on the adequacy of current benefits available to disabled or injured police officers.       --        --    --
HF1103-Vogel -- Larger plans Annual stress testing required for plans with assets over $1B; appropriation.       --        --    --
HF472-Nelson SF636-Pappas Secure Choice Establishing the Minnesota Secure Choice Retirement Program.       --        --    --
-- SF4069-Kiffmeyer PERA, MERF State govt ops bill; MERF/PERA; Sec. 8 increases employer suppl. Contrib. Sec. 11 repeals MERF/PERA state aid.       --        --    --
-- SF4068-Rosen MSRS Uncl. Extending the grandfather provision regarding the actuarial assumptions used to compute an annuity.       --        --    --
-- SF4067-Rosen MSRS Uncl. Temporarily (5 years) extending the grandfather provision regarding actuarial assumptions used to compute an annuity.       --        --    --
-- SF2760-Anderson, P. Plymouth City of Plymouth, alternative allocation of fire state aid.       --        --    --
SF1187-Little related interest Individual income tax volunteer firefighter pension benefits subtraction.       --        --    --