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"The legislative coordinating commission is created to coordinate the legislative activities of the senate and house of representatives." -Minnesota Statutes 3.303

The Legislative Coordinating Commission (LCC) serves as the umbrella organization for legislative commissions, joint agencies, and other boards. The President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House alternate biennially as chair. The Legislative Coordinating Commission (LCC) establishes the complement and the compensation of employees for joint agencies and commissions. All joint agency budgets are reviewed and approved by the commission. The commission coordinates certain activities of the House and Senate including the setting of insurance benefits.

The Geographic Information Services Office of the LCC is the repository for statewide boundary information for legislative use. LCC-GIS focuses on mapping and data services for legislators and staff. Maps and data are available through hard copy maps and reports, or via the web.

The LCC maintains Minnesota's Legacy Website which displays how funds from the arts and cultural heritage fund, outdoor heritage fund, clean water fund, parks and trails fund, and environment and natural resources trust fund are being utilized throughout the state. Additionally, the LCC facilitates arrangements for visiting international and state delegations to the legislature.

Also, under the administration of the LCC are the Compensation Council, the Joint House/Senate Subcommittee on Claims, the Office on the Economic Status of Women, the Regent Candidate Advisory Council, the Subcommittee on Employee Relations, and the Trustee Candidate Advisory Council.

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